Data Governance Benchmarking Survey 2010


Data Governance Benchmarking Survey 2010

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – November 2010

Data governance is gaining increasing importance and focus in the media, but how effective is it in practice? How does your organization stack up against others? The Information Difference, working together with The Data Governance Institute, has developed a framework for data governance that has been reviewed and vetted by an expert panel of multinational companies with well-established data governance activities. The framework includes the following key areas: Organization, Policies, Risk, Models, Controls, Measurement and Support. This report presents a detailed benchmarking survey into the various aspects of data governance across a wide range of organizations. A customized version of this report can also be purchased [Click here for further details.]

The report was sponsored by Informatica and Teradata.

The report has 56 pages.