Articles Featuring MDM 2011

    • 25 May, 2011Gauging data governance
      By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference, in CIO UK
      For several years now there have been efforts to improve the consistency and quality of master data — the customer, product, asset and location information that is shared around an organisation.

    • 25 May, 2011The missing link in data quality

      By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference, in CIO UK
      Data quality is almost always worse than anyone imagined when starting a master data management project, and the issues that this stirs up has a major knock-on effect for master data projects, which by definition are about arriving at single, trusted versions of key shared data such as customers, products, locations and assets.

    • 17 March, 2011Benchmarking real data governance
      Andy Hayler,in
      It is increasingly dawning on companies that an effective data governance programme is key to the success of master data management (MDM) projects, which are fast emerging from the territory of pioneers into the mainstream.

    • 26 January, 2011Gartner Highlights 10 critical myths and realities of Master data management
      from IIFL, India Inforline News
      The adoption of master data management (MDM) promises many benefits ranging from business agility and improved business performance to increased revenue and lower IT and business costs. However, according to Gartner, Inc., achieving these benefits often entails overcoming formidable technical, organizational and political hurdles.

    • 26 January, 2011SAP's Approach to Master Data: Pros, Cons and a New Addition
      By Loraine Lawson, in ITBusinessEdge
      SAP is changing its MDM offering in ways that Gartner believes will help the ERP company catch up. Here’s the even better news if you’re one of SAP’s many customers: These changes are in response to your requests.

    • 26 January, 2011The Collaborative Culture of Data Governance
      By Jim Harris, Information Management Magazine, 20/1/2011
      As more organizations realize the critical importance of viewing data as a corporate asset, data quality is an increasingly prevalent topic of discussion, especially within the context of establishing a data governance program.