Data Governance Benchmarking

The Information Difference and The Data Governance Institute invite you to participate in a benchmarking study of data governance. The idea is to do a thorough examination of the practices in organizations with existing data governance activities, and to produce from these results a study which shows best practice and how different organizations compare to one another. Your own input to the survey will be kept anonymous, but you will be able to see how data governance practices stack up across a range of organizations.

In return for filling in the survey you will receive a free summary of the analysis from the 2010 study. More details of the analysis are given here as a PDF format document. This survey is more detailed than our usual ones, but we believe that it to be the most comprehensive analysis ever carried out of current data governance practices, so the results should be particularly interesting.

You may well want more detail than is in this summary, and in particular to understand where your own organization stands against its peers (134 organizations participated in the 2010 exercise). We can now offer this to you as a paid customized report.

The customized report is far more detailed than the summary we sent you, and shows:

  • Detailed analysis of the results from every individual question in the survey.
  • Where your organization ranks in the various areas of the data governance framework.
  • A customized section in which one of our analysts makes recommendations for your company based on your standings in the benchmark survey.

This gives you the chance to assess precisely how your data governance program stacks up against your peers, where you are doing well and where there are areas for improvement. This may be very useful to you when reporting to your senior management on the program, and in justifying the expenditure you are making in data governance.

This analysis is based on hard data, not on opinion.

If you wish to purchase such a customized report, with specific recommendations for you, this can be bought for USD 6000. If you are interested in this then please contact us directly at or by telephone on +44 845 071 1407.

Please click this link to take the survey.