Teams frequently involve participants from many different business groups and/ or geographies. In many cases there is often no clear shared vision or approach to a solution. When team members do share a way forward, shorter term issues of prioritizing, planning, scoping and the division of responsibilities often result in conflict and confusion.

Trying to achieve a consensus can be very difficult. The involvement of a skilled external facilitator can frequently help the team to be open to new approaches and to ‘think out of the box’ in order to make progress.

A skilled external facilitator provides an unbiased and independent view – with no vested interest in the final results. This is especially valuable when there are conflicting views on how to make progress in a team or operating unit.

We at The Information Difference specialize in the facilitation of meetings, planning sessions, architecture design workshops, coaching and reviews in the following areas:

• Planning and Developing Business and IT Strategy
• Information Architecture Development and Review
• Information Management Architecture Development and Review
• Data Governance Strategy Development and Review
• Project Initiation and Review
• Program and Project Scoping

Please contact us if you believe that an external independent facilitator can help you, your team or your business to achieve a way forward.