How Data Governance Links MDM and Data Quality


How Data Governance Links MDM and Data Quality

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – August 2010

Many authors have recently highlighted in the media the crucial importance of data governance and data quality initiatives to ensure the success of MDM implementations. There is, however, scant information on the approaches being adopted by organizations that have implemented or plan to implement MDM, or indeed those who have chosen not to implement data governance.

We were therefore interested to explore the linkage between data governance, master data and data quality. In particular, to discover how organizations are tackling this area in practice. Additionally, we wanted to understand the scale, scope and success rates of data governance in relation to MDM and data quality initiatives in business.

We have conducted a survey to examine the link between data governance, master data management and data quality. A total of 257 respondents from across the world completed the survey. 56% came from North America and 26% from Europe. Fully two thirds of the respondents were from larger organizations having annual revenues greater than US $ 1 billion (62%). The respondents were drawn from a wide spectrum of industries including banking, finance and manufacturing.

A key finding from the survey is that 31% have already implemented data governance and have had active data governance implementations for a median of 2 years. A further 40% plan to implement within one year. Further, a significant number of organizations (39%) are electing to implement data governance alongside MDM (and data quality).

The report has 51 pages.