Vendor Services

The Information Difference offers tailored services specifically targeted to meet the needs of software vendors. These are summarized below:

Customised Primary Market Research

We can develop and run a research project to gather the information that you need to support your business decisions.   We work with you to design an effective questionnaire, gather responses, analyse the findings and present the conclusions and recommendations in report form for your exclusive use.  We also present the results in the form of a webinar for your internal audience and/or customers.


These are short (around 8 page) summaries of a vendor, setting out the company background  and product offerings, summarising the technology and market positioning.   Click here to see a sample profile.

Product Evaluations

These are more in-depth assessments of the technology that a vendor offers, mapped to the Information Difference functionality model.  The diagram below illustrates the top level only of the model.









Customised Landscapes

The Information Difference Market landscape diagram [ view sample ] positions vendors using a formula which weight a number of core criteria and vendor scores.  Some of these criteria may be more or less relevant for your customers, so a customised landscape diagram can be produced which shows the vendor landscape using subsets of these e.g. some customers may care mostly about technology depth and customer base, or geographic scope and financial strength. We work with you to develop a version that is most meaningful to your customers.

Issues Papers

These are typically vendor-neutral papers which address a specific issue in the market, and are available for sponsorship.  Tailored versions of these are available which aim to address issues specific to your company and technology. Sponsorship allows you to put your logo on the paper, publish it on your website, provide reprints, etc. We would also be able to develop and deliver a webinar lasting one hour in which we present the materials in the paper for your customers, leads etc.

Customer Reviews

An Information Difference analyst will interview selected customers and produce a report summarising their experiences and best practice found amongst your customer implementations. In this way you get an objective view of your customer experience. We can also present the findings in the form of a webinar / podcast.


We can set up a customised presentation for your customers or internal staff to address a specific area of interest based on our research e.g. trends in the market.

Strategic Consultancy

Vendors very often are faced, in a rapidly developing and changing market, with questions relating to how to decide the strategic directions for the technology directions and market positioning of their product. The Information Difference helps and guides vendors to understand and define the optimal new technology directions, identify new opportunities and market opportunities. We can also help in brainstorming and generating ideas and approaches for new lead generation and marketing campaigns.


This allows you to make full use of The Information Difference resources.  A subscription allows you unlimited access to all our publications, and unlimited telephone analyst contact (within reason) for advice on such things as competitive strategy, go to market approach and reviewing technology roadmaps. This includes reprint rights to a vendor profile on your company, and to all of our issues papers.
The subscription includes:

• All profiles
• All Issues white papers and market research
• Unlimited analyst telephone access (within reason) for the named contact(s)
• Unlimited use of the “ask the experts” email service for the named contact(s)
• One webinar / tele-conference with an analyst to use as you wish e.g. for internal training
• Access to our research archive


Single named contact point at vendor (who can initiate the unlimited phone access)  US $ 22k
Second named contact: an additional US $ 11k
Third named contact: additional US $ 8k
Fourth etc named contact: additional US $ 6k. Note that a webinar stand alone is US $ 6k.]
If you would like to take out an annual subscription please contact us for further details.