Articles Featuring MDM 2009

  • 31 December, 2009Master Data Management Projects in Practice
    By David Waddington, The Information Difference Ltd.
    While many SIs currently claim or suggest they have extensive implementation expertise in master data management, there is little concrete information available regarding the use of systems integrators by end-user organizations for implementing master data management programs in business. We have therefore conducted a survey of both end-user organizations and systems integrators aimed at gaining deeper insight into the levels of expertise, experience and usage of systems integrators specifically related to undertaking MDM implementations.
  • 6 December, 2009The Sad State of Data Quality
    By David Waddington, The Information Difference
    Has the state of data quality in organizations improved over the past 20 years? Or is data management, and data quality in particular, still in a ghastly state with organizations and senior management feeling that the problem is overwhelming? Despite the clear concerns from business and a plethora of software vendors, there is surprisingly little concrete information available regarding the state of data quality in business.
  • 9 November, 2009Data governance for the masses
    By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference
    Kalido today announced the latest version of the Kalido Information Engine, with the main focus of the new release being improvements in the data governance capabilities of its master data management (MDM) component. Kalido’s technology has long had the ability to support quite elaborate business rules and workflow e.g. allowing serial and parallel authorisations and elaborate time-variance, but has now added a new user interface for master data consumers (as distinct from data stewards).
  • 29 September, 2009Opening Up MDM
    By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference, in IT Analysis
    … open-source data integration vendor Talend announced that they would broaden the scope of their offerings. To add to their existing data integration and data quality tools they are introducing an open-source master data management (MDM) offering, based on technology purchased from niche French MDM vendor Amalto…
  • 29 September, 2009Talend acquires master data management repository
    By Alex Handy in
    Earlier this summer, Talend purchased a master data management (MDM) repository and management layer from Amalto, a business-to-business integrations …
  • 29 September, 2009MDM Becoming More Critical in Light of Cloud Computing
    By David Linthicum in ebiz
    Master data management (MDM) is one of those topics that everyone considers important, but few know exactly what it is or have an MDM program.
  • 29 September, 2009Data quality vendors missing the mark: Study
    By Kathleen Lau in Computerworld, IDG News Service
    The study also delved into opinions on how data quality fit with master data management (MDM), or the quest for a single version of the truth across an …
  • 29 September, 2009HP-Informatica partnership means bundles, but does it bode merger?
    By Madan Sheina, Ovum
    The recent partnership announced between Informatica and HP promises a tightly integrated data warehousing platform but does not deliver a complete, end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solution. Informatica gives HP’s Neoview offering the data management strategy it has been lacking and a stronger competitive position against rivals such as Oracle and IBM. The inevitable angle is that this could set the scene for a formal merger, though HP has historically been a cautious acquirer, EDS aside.
  • 16 September, 2009MDM and Spaghetti
    By Andy Hayler of The Information Difference Ltd.
    When looking at the business case for MDM it is normal to look at the kind of business initiatives that can be enabled by better master data. For example with higher quality, consistent customer data it is possible to run more efficient marketing campaigns, or by having a complete picture of a customer it is possible to cross-sell products effectively or better manage an account. However such things tend to rely on having MDM as a piece of infrastructure, so it is hard to claim all the benefits directly for an MDM project. Perhaps it is time to take a look at some of the more murky and less sexy areas that can benefit from MDM, specifically by lowering the cost of maintaining application interfaces.
  • 16 September, 2009The need for MDM and the role of architecture
    Neil Ward-Dutton in ebiz
    The other day I read a post from David Norfolk (“The MDM tarpit”) which generated some lively comment. You can read the post yourself, but to briefly summarise, David highlighted a view that Master Data Management (MDM) should really be redundant – the need for MDM is really a reflection of poor architecture or poor strategic planning. Design things right from the outset and you won’t find yourself needing MDM, appears to be the argument.