Enterprise Services

The Information Difference offers a wide range of services for enterprises. These include:

Return on Investment Assessments

Most businesses desire to understand and quantify the benefits arising from the implementation of a product from a software vendor but either lack the resources or experience to undertake such an evaluation. Vendors too are keen to show the benefits – both tangible and intangible – that have been delivered as a result of an implementation of their product by a specific customer. The Information Difference can help by undertaking on the request of a vendor (or customer) an independent assessment of the benefits derived from a specific implementation. The deliverable here is usually a white paper and presentation focusing on the benefits delivered in terms of time saved, cost avoidance or real savings together with the intangible benefits.

Competitive Assessment

The Information Difference can undertake analysis of the product features and market strategy, alongside feedback from customers, to deliver a report clearly positioning the vendors’ products in contrast to the competition.


These are short (around 8 page) summaries of a vendor, setting out the company background  and product offerings, summarising the technology and market positioning.   Click here to see a sample profile.

Vendor Selection

We have a complete vendor selection methodology and can help you set up an evaluation process that will help you get the best solution for your company.  The Information Difference has a detailed model of MDM functionality, and an approach to carrying out an evaluation, which leads to a well documented, structured result that will give you confidence in your decision.  We have extensive experience of vendor selection at some of the largest companies in the world; let our experience help you make a better advised choice.

Deal Negotiation

We have lengthy experience of negotiating large enterprise software deals.  Since the sums of money involved may be large, and you may not do this yourself very often, it makes sense to get the advice of people who have done this time and time again.  There are many techniques that can assist you in getting the best value from a negotiation to ensure that you end up with a true “win/win” situation with your vendor, from correctly setting up a structured selection process to understanding which contract terms and conditions are really important to you, through to deal points and timing.  Don’t leave money on the table.
Please refer to our Consultancy pages for further information on the wide range of services we can offer.


An annual subscription allows you to get the most complete value from the Information Difference.  This buys you:
• Unlimited telephone access (within reason) to our analysts for the named contacts
• All profiles
• All white papers
• All surveys
• Complete access to our research archive
• Unlimited use of “ask the experts” service for the named contacts.


Single named contact at enterprise:  USD 18k
Second named contact:  additional USD 9k
Third etc named contact: additional USD 6k per contact.

If you wish to take out an annual subscription please contact us for further details.