Articles Featuring MDM 2012


  • 15 September, 2012 – The State of MDM
    By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference Ltd.
    It is now a decade since a nascent technology market called master data management (MDM) emerged, aiming to tackle the inconsistency that dogs most large organisations when it comes to handling key shared data such as customer, product and asset.

  • 3 April, 2012 – What’s Ahead for Master Data Management
    By Loraine Lawson Mar 27, in ITBusinessEdge
    A recent TDWI survey found about half of the organizations questioned were still in the early lifecycle stages of master data management programs. Given that, you’re probably thinking it’s a wee bit premature to be talking about next-generation MDM.

  • 28 March, 2012 – Data Governance and MDM More Successful Together
    By David Waddington, The Information Difference in Information Management
    Master data management has moved from being the new kid on the block to now be recognized as a mature and accepted technology widely regarded as essential for delivering reliable business data. It has often been said that data governance is key to successful master data management, but is it?

  • 11 January, 2012 – Sway the board: How to build a business case for data management plans
    By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference, in
    After I graduated from university I joined Esso as a trainee systems programmer and quickly learnt that what was taught in computer science classes was different from what was expected in the business world. There are many aspects to this, but one thing in particular that was impressed upon me was the need to build a business case for any nontrivial project. This, as a minimum, should include the estimated costs of the project, what risks are associated with it and the monetary value of the estimated benefits.

  • 9 January, 2012 – 2012 –  Predictions of Data Trials and Tribulations
    By Loraine Lawson, in ITBusinessEdge, Dec 29, 2011
    It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that some trends from 2011 will still be big in 2012 – . I don’t expect Big Data to go away anytime soon, master data management will still be a hot topic, and cloud computing will likely overshadow everything else.