Articles Featuring MDM 2010

    • 24 August, 2010New Survey Shows Urgent Need for Data Governance Technology
      By Winston Chen in Kalido Conversations
      Information Difference just published a new study based on a survey exploring the links between data governance, master data management (MDM) and data quality. While it’s full of insights, I’m particularly struck by how urgently companies are expressing the need for data governance technology.

    • 23 August, 2010Data Governance is a Prerequisite for Effective MDM and Data Quality
      Blog by Dave Waddington, Kalido Conversations
      The Information Difference today released the results of a new study we conducted on the relationship among data governance, master data management (MDM) and data quality. Quite a bit has changed since we conducted a benchmark study on data governance adoption in the summer of 2008, but we wanted to measure exactly how much.

    • 31 July, 2010Managing master data: tips on linking data warehouses to MDM systems
      By David Waddington in
      There are two primary approaches to master data management: operational MDM and analytical MDM. The former focuses on ensuring that data that should be the same across different operational systems actually is the same. Analytical MDM, on the other hand, is generally associated with data warehousing and has been adopted by organisations looking to improve the speed and quality of their business intelligence (BI) reporting processes.

    • 21 July, 2010Data Governance More Popular Among Those Deploying MDM
      By Loraine Lawson in IT Business Edge
      It seems companies are interested in applying master data management beyond the typical master data domains of customer and product data. According to a recent survey by The Information Difference, companies apply MDM to an average of four domains, with location and supplier data following customer and product data in importance.

    • 16 July, 2010Link Between Data Warehousing and MDM
      By David Waddington, The Information Difference, in InfoManagement Direct
      The results of new Information Difference research show an increasing focus on implementing master data management to support both existing and new data warehousing initiatives

    • 1 July, 2010Building on Solid Foundations
      By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference Ltd.
      Our research consistently shows that customers want to take a consistent approach to their master data, irrespective of data domain. In other words, they want a solution that can handle products and customers, but also other master data such as locations, assets, financial data and people. Yet the industry has generally focused on providing products that have been designed to handle either product data (PIM solutions) or customer data (CDI).

    • 3 June, 2010The Link Between Data Warehousing and MDM
      By David Waddington, The Information Difference Ltd.
      At The Information Difference we were interested in exploring the linkage between master data and data warehouses and to understand the scale, scope and success rates of MDM and data warehousing initiatives in business. We have therefore conducted a survey into the link between data warehousing and master data management.

    • 15 April, 2010TIBCO Makes MDM Move, but Where Is Oracle?
      Posted by Loraine Lawson in IT Business Edge
      It’s spring, and for the next two months in my town, everyone will be obsessed with two things: Flowers and The Kentucky Derby. Everybody loves a good race, and let me tell you, it’s two of the best minutes in racing.

      But, if horses aren’t your thing, there’s always the race going on in the master data management space. It’s not quite as fast or colorful, but as more specialized, niche players are acquired, the stakes could get just as high.

    • 15 April, 2010Master data management projects in practice [Talend]
      in CIO
      While many Systems Integrators currently claim or suggest they have extensive implementation expertise in master data management, there is little concrete information available regarding the use of systems integrators by end-user organisations for implementing master data management programs in business. This whitepaper looks at the results of a survey of both end-user organisations and systems integrators aimed at gaining deeper insight into the levels of expertise, experience, and usage of systems integrators specifically related to undertaking MDM implementations