Articles Featuring MDM 2009

  • 20 August, 2009MDM for Tough Times
    By Aaron Zornes in Information Management Magazine, July/Aug 2009
    5 trends to strengthen organizations during recession
  • 20 August, 2009Survey Shows Companies Largely Satisfied with MDM
    By Loraine Lawson in ITBusinessEdge
    When The Information Difference conducted a survey of 188 businesses from around the world – about half of which had already adopted MDM, with the remainder planning to do so – $7 million was the average cost reported for MDM costs. The median number, for you stats people out there: $3.5 million.
  • 17 July, 2009Doctoring Addresses
    By Andy Hayler, from Andy’s Blog, The Information Difference Ltd.
    Most data quality vendors have their roots in name and address checking, even if their software can go beyond this. What is less well known is that the actual business of getting street level address data (to verify postal codes etc) is a tedious business that varies dramatically by country …
  • 17 July, 2009Architecture by PowerPoint
    By Andy Hayler, The Information Difference Ltd.
    A recurring theme among enterprises is the denial of real-world architectural complexity. CIOs love PowerPoint slides that show a spaghetti diagram of the messy applications and interfaces they have now, then a clean diagram of just a few boxes with neat interfaces showing the Nirvana that will occur once they finish the latest project, for which they are seeking an improbably large budget.
  • 17 July, 2009The State of Data Quality Today
    By Dave Waddington, SVP, The Information Difference Ltd.
    The topic of business data quality has been with us for decades. Given the large number of vendors offerings dedicated to resolving data quality (DQ) issues, one might be forgiven for believing that the problems have all but been resolved. A glance through the current literature reveals, however, that the problem of poor data quality is still very much alive.
  • 8 July, 2009Good master data management needs a focus on data
    By: Kathleen Lau – ComputerWorld Canada
    At the MDM Summit in Toronto last Friday, an oil and gas exploration company shared how its engineers have better faith in data. SAS Institute Canada describes the journey that is MDM, and the MDM Institute names vendors who will monopolize the market in 2009
  • 30 June, 2009They Better Get This MDM Program Right
    By Rajan Chandras in Intelligent Enterprise
    The US Government is about to undertake a massive nationwide Master Data Management program …
  • 30 June, 2009Reduce IT Costs with Master Data Management
    By Ravi Shankar, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Siperian
    Information Technology managers are facing a dilemma given the current economic climate –- despite budget cuts, companies do not expect reductions in the service levels provided by IT to the business. Under such circumstances, how do you maintain or improve service levels, and continue to run the business efficiently?
  • 1 June, 2009A Bulldog Puppy Emerges
    By Andy Hayler, CEO, The Information Difference Ltd.
    Microsoft has moved further in its plans to introduce a master data management (MDM) capability into its product line. Microsoft had previously purchased Stratature, an MDM vendor known for its dimension management, and has used this as the basis for its MDM offering, previously known as Project Bulldog.
  • 26 May, 2009Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Delivers Advanced Enterprise Data Quality in Trillium Software System V12
    From Trading Markets
    Trillium Software(R), a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. and a leading enabler of Total Data Quality solutions, today released the Trillium Software System(R) v12, the latest major version of its enterprise data quality solution.