Quotation Policy

The Information Difference Quotation Policy

Materials owned and published by The Information Difference are subject to copyright and are the property of The Information Difference Ltd. If you wish to quote information published on our site please ensure that you comply with the following policy:

  • All Information Difference intellectual property is subject to this Quotation Policy. The Information Difference must approve any external use.
  • This policy applies to all contexts in which The Information Difference name or research may appear externally. It includes, but is not limited to; advertising, signage, web sites, books, brochures, marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, press releases, presentations.
  • Use of excerpts internally within client organizations is allowed and does not require pre-approval. All copyrighted material should be marked “For internal use only”.
  • Custom quotes are quotes developed for a specific purpose by an analyst. Custom quotes must be approved by the appropriate research analyst in the context of the materials in which the quote will appear.
  • Quotes and excerpts must be from published research that is no more than two years old.
  • Quotes from published research must be properly attributed to the original research source.

We will be happy to help if you wish to quote our materials – please contact us.