What’s the Link Between Data Governance and Success with MDM?


What’s the Link Between Data Governance and Success with MDM?

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – December 2011

It has often been said that data governance is key to master data management (MDM), but is it? In this survey we wanted to get feedback from customers who have data governance activities and MDM projects, to see to what extent the two really are linked. In particular, we wanted to identify best (and worst) practice in data governance and MDM.

In 2010, we reviewed these two key areas in detail in our Data Governance Benchmarking, Data Governance Survey Report, and Data Quality and MDM Survey Report. Although many authors are highlighting the crucial importance of data governance initiatives when it comes to ensuring the success of MDM implementations, there is little hard information available on the approach being adopted by organizations that have implemented data governance and MDM.

We therefore conducted a survey, sponsored by Pitney Bowes Software, which was aimed at understanding better the views of businesses regarding their current data governance and MDM initiatives.

Some 110 respondents from across the world completed the survey, with 71% from North America (including Canada), 23% from Europe and the remainder (6%) from the rest of the world. Almost two-thirds (66%) of the respondents were from larger organizations with annual revenues greater than US $1 billion.

The report has 30 pages.