The State of Data Quality Revisited


The State of Data Quality Revisited

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – April 2013

Although the issue of data quality has been with us for decades now it still remains an area of concern and debate. In 2009 we conducted a detailed survey of the state of data quality across enterprises. Given the substantial investments in tools and support, has the state of data quality and data management in organizations genuinely improved over the past four years? Or is data management generally still in a ghastly state with organizations feeling that the problem is overwhelming? Despite a surfeit of tools vendors (more than 30), and much press attention, there is still surprisingly little concrete information available regarding the state of data quality in business. In this survey, which was sponsored by SAP, we revisit the topic of data quality and examine what has changed over the past four years.

210 respondents from around the world completed the survey. Just over half of the respondents (53%) were from organizations having annual revenues greater than US$ 1 billion. Respondents represented a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

The report has 40 pages.