The Link Between Data Warehousing and MDM


The Link Between Data Warehousing and MDM

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – April 2010

“Analytic MDM” has become established as one of the styles of MDM implementation adopted by businesses needing to effect a significant improvement in the speed and quality of their business reporting, often centered around one or more national, regional or enterprise data warehouses.

This is unsurprising since the “dimensions” of a data warehouse are essentially master data (e.g., hierarchies of products, customers, locations, etc.). Despite the close relationship between MDM and data warehousing, a glance at even the recent literature on these topics reveals that these two important areas tend to be treated as entirely separate.

At The Information Difference we were interested in exploring the linkage between master data and data warehouses and to understand the scale, scope and success rates of MDM and data warehousing initiatives in business. We have therefore conducted a survey into the link between data warehousing and master data management.

208 respondents completed the survey from all around the world; the majority from North America (57%) and Europe (27%). Over half the respondents (53%) came from companies having annual revenues greater than US $ 1 billion. The respondents represented a wide spectrum of industries.

Amongst other things the study reveals that almost half of the organizations surveyed have one or more data warehouse and MDM implementations.

The report has 38 pages.