The Adoption of MDM by Business Revisited


The Adoption of MDM by Business Revisited

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – July 2013

In April 2008, the Information Difference conducted a survey into the take-up and adoption of master data management (MDM) software. Now, in 2013, we revisit this area to understand what has changed over the past five years. In particular we addressed the following:

  • How many companies have implemented MDM?
  • How much effort are organizations investing in it?
  • How successful have they been?
  • What benefits are they seeing?
  • Which tools are being used to help?

A key objective of the study was to understand the extent to which the adoption of MDM has progressed in the past five years since our initial study.

Some 108 respondents from around the world took the survey, 66% from organizations with annual revenues of over $ 1 billion. 54% were from North America and 28% from Europe. A broad spectrum of industry sectors was represented.

The report has 22 pages.