MDM Real-World Experiences


MDM Real-World Experiences

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – August 2012

In previous surveys we have charted the adoption and implementation of master data management from its early implementations to the present. Over the past four years, since our first survey in 2008, much has changed in MDM both in technology and in implementation expertise and experience. In particular, MDM has graduated from a novel innovative technology to become relatively mature and accepted. It is increasingly being adopted by multinational organizations as a route to tackling their data inconsistency nightmares and delivering reliable and trusted business information.

This development has been accompanied by a wealth of publications in the media offering advice on how to embark on MDM projects and outlining what their authors believe to be best practices, but how reliable is this advice? It seems to us to be time to ask the real life practitioners of MDM programs to share their views and experiences. So, what is the current position based on the feedback from those who have real-world experience of implementing MDM?

The report has 24 pages.