MDM Market Research Survey 2012


MDM Market Research Survey 2012

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – July 2012

Master Data Management (MDM) is increasingly becoming a mature technology and successful implementations have been the subject of recent media attention. There is, however, little concrete information reflecting real-world experience. We were interested to better understand the current experience of those enterprises with live MDM programs or plans to deploy MDM, and the challenges that drive interest in MDM. We also wanted to explore to what extent the available MDM technology is meeting the needs of organizations.

We therefore conducted a survey, sponsored by SAP, which was aimed at understanding better the experience of businesses regarding their current MDM initiatives. The survey was particularly focused on “Analytical MDM”, which we define as the provision of authoritative master data for the purposes of enterprise-wide reporting and analysis. “Operational MDM”, by contrast, provides authoritative master data to operational applications such as ERP and CRM systems. The main findings from the survey’s 218 participant answers are detailed in the full report.

The report has 30 pages.