How Reliable is your Data Warehouse?


How Reliable is your Data Warehouse?

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – December 2010

Data warehousing has been with us for almost three decades now. More than 25 vendors currently offer a wide range of approaches and software products dedicated to data warehousing. These range from packaged applications to cloud-based solutions and data warehouse appliances. We have recently reviewed this area in our Data Warehouse Landscape 2011.

In the past, many data warehouse implementations gained the reputation of having a high failure rate, often delivering inconsistent data, with the consequence that businesses inevitably lost trust in their reliability. A root cause of this lack of reliability was that little or no attention was paid to ensuring the quality of the data loaded into the warehouse. Has the state of data warehousing in organizations improved over the past two decades?

At The Information Difference, we believe it is important for both organizations and vendors to understand the current state of data warehousing in organizations. We have therefore conducted a survey, sponsored by IBM, aimed at gaining deeper insight into the views of businesses regarding their current data warehousing initiatives.

Some 100 respondents completed the survey from all around the world, the majority (48%) from North America and 35% from Europe. A high proportion (57%) of the respondents were from companies having annual revenues greater than US $ 1 billion; 25% of the respondents were drawn from the banking and financial industries with the remainder covering a wide spectrum of industries.

The report has 32 pages.