Data Quality and MDM – The Missing Link?


Data Quality and MDM – The Missing Link?

A New Research Report from The Information Difference – April 2011

Currently, master data management (MDM) and data quality are treated as separate markets, yet any MDM project has a significant data quality component. Many authors have highlighted in the media the crucial importance of data quality initiatives to ensuring the success of MDM implementations. There is, however, little information on the approach being adopted by organizations that have implemented or plan to implement MDM.

It is important for organizations and vendors alike to understand the current state of data quality and master data management in organizations, as well as the degree to which these areas are becoming interdependent. In particular, we explored the link between these important areas to discover how data quality is interleaved into a master data program. We also wished to gain insight into software tools selected and the available experience to date. We have therefore conducted a survey, sponsored by Informatica and Talend, aimed at understanding better the views of businesses regarding their current data quality and MDM initiatives.

Some 192 respondents from across the world completed the survey, which was conducted over the internet. 52% were from North America (including Canada), 36% from Europe and the remainder (12%) from the rest of the world. Almost two-thirds (61%) of the respondents were from larger organizations having annual revenues greater than US $1 billion. The results reflect a good mix of both large and smaller organizations worldwide.

The report has 37 pages.