Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Information Difference is an analyst firm focusing on master data management (MDM). Our founders are pioneers who helped shape the MDM industry, with in-depth global project experience. Take advice from people who have run real-life MDM projects, rather than someone who just talks to people who have.
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Survey Reports

How Does Your Data Governance Initiative Stack Up?

How much are you spending on Data Management?

Is the Data Warehouse Dead?

Data in the Clouds

Big Data Revealed

The Adoption of MDM by Business Revisited

The State of Data Quality Revisited

Does Big Data Mean Big MDM?

MDM Real-World Experiences

MDM Market Research Survey 2012

What's the Link Between Data Governance and Success with MDM?

Return on Investment (ROI) from Data Management Projects

Data Quality and MDM - The Missing Link?

How Reliable is your Data Warehouse?

Data Governance Benchmarking 2010

The Link between Data Warehousing and MDM

MDM Projects in Practice

The State of Data Quality Today

Styles and Architectures for MDM

Impact of the Financial Crisis on MDM and Data Quality Initiatives

Data Governance Adoption Survey
"The best survey I've seen on the topic to date", Jill Dyché, Partner, Baseline Consulting

MDM Adoption Survey 2008

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At The Information Difference we have developed these charts which summarise the key players in the MDM Landscape, DQ Landscape and Big Data Warehouse Landscape and assesses their relative positions. It is important to understand that any summary level diagram like this combines various weighted assessments of a vendor and its technology, and these may not match your particular project priorities. For example, certain vendors have a much better track record in tackling certain data domains (customer, product) than others. So the positions of vendors would potentially change if the weightings were done as they relate to your particular project. You are encouraged to examine the Profiles, which go into greater depth, or to talk at an Information Difference analyst about your particular needs.

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